The fashion industry is one of the largest global polluters, second only to the oil industry. The production of textiles and garments causes environmental degradation in many regions around the world. Furthermore, workers in the fashion industry regularly experience human rights violations. We must do better. We want change.

Assemblage Worldwide is a nonprofit organization which connects fashion players in order to build knowledge in slow fashion. Our mission: A long-lasting network that shares knowledge and creates transnational synergies, that supports, enables, and promotes sustainable design and manufacture worldwide.






Assemblage Journal – Workshop


Explore THE REVIVAL’s transformative impact. Founded in Ghana in 2018 by Yayra Agbofah and Kwamena Boison, this non-profit tackles textile waste disposal by promoting upcycling solutions. THE REVIVAL’s approach is hands-on and comprehensive, offering workshops to equip individuals with essential upcycling skills while uncovering the global repercussions of fast fashion on the global south.

In collaboration with Media Design University, Yayra Agbofah will deliver a lecture initiated by Assemblage Journal, delving into the complex implications of fast fashion. This session aims to showcase Revival’s practices and empower students to redefine sustainability through innovative perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable fashion practices.

Funded by Engagement Global and Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt 

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Assemblage Journal – Vol.1

Discover transformative insights into sustainable solutions from the minds of creatives, innovators, and non-profits! Explore Assemblage Journal, where we curate a diverse array of educational narratives, for professionals and students keen on exploring sustainable fashion from new angles. 

Funded by Engagement Global and Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt 

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Conference – De Fashioning Education 

We are excited to be part of the conference De-Fashioning Education in Berlin and share our research on non-western perspectives that shift perspectives in fashion, and create important conversations about new approaches and perspectives in a still western dominated field.

De-Fashioning Education is an open access conference, a collaborative contemplative space to consider contradictions and develop shared action. It invites us to re-imagine how we can learn for interexistence and interbeing – fashion education for the pluriverse.

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Learning Laboratory x Assemblage Worldwide 

Assemblage Worldwide will be part of the Learning Laboratory and share the research ‚Shape Shifter‘. The research Shape Shifter focuses on perspectives and stories that actively shift perspectives in fashion, and create important conversations about new approaches and perspectives in a still western dominated field.

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Partnership with The Revival, Ghana

We are so excited to announce we’ve partnered with The Revival, Ghana.
Our goal: Increase collaborative projects that will support sustainable networks, increase educating, and create awareness about fashion waste and the impact on the global south.

THE REVIVAL is a community-led sustainable design non-profit educating, creating awareness, art and jobs with up-cycled global textile waste coming to Ghana.

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WorkshopGlobal Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion


Assemblage Worldwide offers a variety of workshops for students, designers and fashion experts that are interested in sustainable solutions in fashion.

Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion“ focuses on global creatives and their efforts to reduce the negative effects of fashion production and consumption. Accompanied with photographs and videos of creative works the workshop limelight innovations of designers in the context of local, cultural and environmental concerns.

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Panel – Exploring Up-Cycling in a Digital Age

Thank you to 500KG CO2 for inviting us as panel member. The Future of Upcycling in a Digital Age, is an official Berlin Fashion Week format. During this one-day event, the co-created influencer collection “500KG CO₂” is presented through an immersive exhibition. Fusing VR, AR, independent fashion designers and influencers, experience the newest innovations in tech and upcycling.

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PublicationFashioning the Future

Assemblage Worldwide x Guggenheim Bilbao

It was great to be part of this great publication and contribute with our research and essay „Fashioning the Future“. The Publication showcased the work of over 120 artists and designers from the continent and focuses on a generation of entrepreneurs, thinkers, and designers from and within Africa who address a global audience and provide the world with a new vantage point on their continent.

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ResearchPractices from the Past

Assemblage Worldwide x Making Africa Exhibition/ Guggenheim Bilbao

Traditional knowledge, although new to climate science, has been long recognized as an important source of information and insight in domains such as biodiversity conservation, low carbon emission production, or sustainable dyeing solutions. A great example is Adire.
Adire (Yoruba: tie and dye) textile is the indigo-dyed cloth made in southwestern Nigeria – The bright color comes from locally-grown indigo leave. Currently we are working on a research and contemporary design-approaches of creatives using Adire for their designs. “Lagos Space Programme” for example is an amazing example doing incredible work in research and design.

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